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The Character of Luhrman in Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare.

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He seems to like the idea of being in love, although I would suggest the feelings he has for Juliet begin only as infatuation and grow throughout the balcony scene.Opinion essay graphic organizer elementary now college essay talk about yourself xpc.Luhrman used this urban setting as the original setting, Verona.

Two interpretations were made of this text into a film by the two directors, Baz Luhrmann (1996) and Franco Zeffirelli (1968).This is because of the Elizabethan language which is hard to understand, the dress which teenagers are not familiar with and the religious element which is not a large part of society any more.

Today the language is seen as incomprehensible to a young audience.The play is based on a deep-seated feud affecting distant acquaintances establishing two distinct factions (or houses).

The techniques the Luhrmann uses are lighting,camera angles, setting and different aspects of mis en scene to create drama and excitement for the audience.

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Act II Scene II the balcony scene displays that romantic notion perfectly.The Montague boys and the Capulet boys happen to meet each other and a quarrel ensues and this leads to a big gun battle accompanied by western music that adds humour to the scene.He even invented his own rhyme scheme and designed good plots with timeless stories.How to Account for the Success of Romeo and Juliet by Baz Luhrmann.

This is in complete contrast to Baz Luhrmans production, with the exception of the language used in both productions.The Capulets have an astonishing daughter, approaching marriage age, named Juliet.The latest version of Romeo and Juliet was filmed in 1997 at Verona Beach, California.Finally explain whether you would recommend it to be used in the classroom.As they were inspired, the story of Romeo and Juliet had kept spreading worldwide.

By the end of this essay I will have shown how well Baz Luhrmann.

Drama and Excitement in the Opening Scene of Romeo and Juliet by Baz Lurhmann.William Shakespeare used his remarkable words to inspire and delight his audiences for over 400 years.

In the beginning of the scene Romeo is portrayed as determined, wary and possibly a little frightened as he knocks over furniture and scrambles up the trellis.

Franco Zeffirelli had directed the first version of Romeo and Juliet in 1968.I will analyse and give my own opinion on what I think about each play.

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Zeffirelli sets his play in the Renaissance Italy (14th century).Comparing Prologues of Romeo and Juliet by Franco Zefirelli and Baz Luhrmann.

And especially in Franco Zeffirelli when juliet commits suicide.However the essential storyline could be aimed at a young audience with themes of forbidden love, violence and family feuds.Instead, by using lively, modern images (swimming pool etc.) with a modern rock soundtrack and young good-looking popular actors, he has taken Romeo and Juliet to an audience that would normally think of Shakespeare as a chore to be studied in school.When Romeo is first seen in Act One, scene one it is clear that love is one of the most important things in his life and in a way he lets it rule his actions and emotions.

In Fair Verona two families have been feuding for generations, the Capulets and the Montagues.The aim of the film was to entertain and interest the audience just like Shakespeare did.Romeo hears of a party at the house of Capulet, he knows he must go to see Rosalyn to find out if she really is his true love.I will be focusing on Act two Scene ii (the balcony scene) where I will compare how the two directors use media in the films.

The first context is n 1998 Baz Luhrman produced the film to appeal to a modern audience, but Zeferelli made his version of Romeo and Juliet in 1960 which he set in medieval Italy making a second context.Lastly, the most striking contrast between the two appeared within the first five minutes of the movie.Luhrmann focuses on presenting a depressing, agitated and tragic atmosphere by using modern alternatives and changing the setting in both time and place.The Franco Zefferelli is set in renaissance Italy and sticks very closely to the actual Shakespeare script.