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The Lagan product suite is compliance with a range of important and relevant standards including.As a result, our customers can accelerate their channel shift strategy in order to deliver improved service at lower cost.

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Sector Specific Info. and Customer Service Classes at The Literacy Group.Government customer service continues to be plagued by shrinking budgets and staff, and increasing media coverage when things go wrong.This component supports the management of a single view of a customer or citizen through supporting integration with 3rd party Master Data Management (MDM) systems or through the use of its own Single View of Customer (SVC) application.These capabilities and integrations are accessible through a variety of channels to employees and citizens who can connect how they want, when they want.

The Lagan product suite is designed for integration supporting many different types of business processes required in the Public Sector, including.ROI Tools Customer Stories Videos Webinars White Papers Datasheets Demo Library.From fast answers out of the knowledge base to easy apps for communicating service issues, LAGAN.

We deliver all service requests, information request, or suggestions from the Public to the person.Providing excellent customer service is essential to the long-term viability of every business.

Customer experience in government from Deloitte University Press.Aimed at maximizing re-use across different vertical applications within the Public Sector (and indeed across other industries), this layer supports the creation and maintenance of re-usable components - such as business objects and screens - and processes.

A related component, Audit provides automatic auditing of all activities in the system supporting risk avoidance, compliance and security strategies.Whether citizens are reporting issues, looking for information or for assistance, LAGAN Web Experience makes online service targeted and efficient—a good experience from any device.The DHL Express Global Public Sector team provides secure delivery service for diplomatic needs worldwide.Guided contextually to information and answers, agents are more productive and the customer experience is positive and efficient.

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The LAGAN product suite was built by a team of industry experts with hundreds of years of collective experience in customer relationship management, service delivery and government agency leadership.Highly configurable, performant and granular, this supports the most stringent auditing requirements.

Bad customer service could be causing your customers to slip away.This component comprises a wide range of open interfaces which support a wide range of business processes.The Lagan product suite is implemented without coding empowering the customer to make changes to the system (both business and IT users) thereby reducing their reliance on implementation partners.Diploma in International Tourism with English Language Studies.

Listen to what constituents are saying across social networks.Improving public safety through customer experience at the National Weather Service By Kristin Allstadt and Sarah Tucker-Ray.Finally, the top layer enumerates the various Applications within the Lagan Product Suite which leverage the capabilities from the lower layers.Customer Service in the Public Sector by Wanyakala Tom, 9783639368307, available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.Case Management enables the support of a wide range of business processes, including: the reporting of a service failure, making a complaint and requesting a service.Customer service in the public sector comes with unique challenges. - Win the customer (or co-worker) over by using the 5-A approach to solving any customer problem.The LAGAN Platform provides the functionality shown within the Platform Components layer which supports the execution of business processes within the other layers.

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Mobile Experience optimizes the service experience for citizens on the go.Supporting all user types, including citizens accessing services from their home computer and employees in the public sector organization contact center, this enables the quick location of information and related services.It also needs to be able to understand the best use of each channel for each transaction type and be able to prioritise channels depending on personal preference and processing efficiency considerations.Denhardt Janet Vinzant Denhardt Arizona State University The New Public Service.This component provides continuous, real-time and deep textual analysis of massive amounts of both structured and unstructured textual information from social media to direct customer communication channels including online feedback, email, surveys and chat.

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This ease of configuration frees business users from a reliance on IT as it enables them to quickly tailor their implementation and respond quickly to changes in citizen or regulatory demands.The best Public Mobile customer phone number with quickest path to a real human being, a map of the phone system, skip waiting on hold, call from your computer...

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Java Standards: Java Message Service (JMS) API (JSR194), JAX-WS, AXIS.It empowers your organization with its omni-channel capability, which provides your customers with consistent experiences across the different channels (Web, mobile, social and contact center), as well as the ability to move between channels in a seamless way during the same visit or on subsequent visits.