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I wanted a topic that was interesting, and had plenty of information regarding Political, Economic.My History Fair process started with researching a few topics.

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Before we picked this topic we were looking at other ones such as The Rubber...As far as legacy goes, her legacy is still widely known today and taught in schools today.

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The Process Paper is a requirement for all Exhibits, Documentaries, Performances, and Websites, but NOT Historical Papers.

There were many options for project ideas that had to do with World War 2 witch I enjoy learning about and find very interesting and Pearl Harbor fascinated me the most with how the U.S Navy dealt with the surprise attack.Nelson Mandela History Fair Process Paper I chose my topic of Nelson Mandela when I was curious of why he was so famous.Afterwards, we searched for graphics and pictures on the expedition,.

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We chose our topic because we are both extremely interested in the establishment of new states and the controversial religions of this time period.Then I read the list of suggested ideas and I thought that the Atomic Bomb.

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PROCESS PAPERS AND ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHIES Your Process Paper and Annotated Bibliography are important parts of the judging process.

I have done this category for my last two History Fair projects and feel that I can improve my skills using this type of category.Number of words in Process Paper Exhibits Only: Number of Student Composed Words in Exhibit.

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Thus, someone must think that she is still very important, even though she is no longer living.I narrowed my thoughts to the Apollo Program, because both my grandfather and I knew a lot about it.Then, my grandpa called me and told me that I should do the most famous, in opinion, space expedition of all time.The attack on Pearl Harbor relates to the theme this year because it has a major turning point in history because it gave America a reason to step into the mix.I conducted my research by mainly using websites, although I did look at one book, but did not end up using it in my project.

It all started with a Jewish member of our group, Courtney Zaher.

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Bring at least four copies of your process paper when you are judged.For our history fair project, we chose to create a group website about the Wright Brothers.

We selected this topic by a means of a decision between Toby and I.

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When I looked at books, I usually look to see who the publisher is, and as long as it is not one of those general history of space travel books, I would use it.Process Paper Why I chose this topic: When looking upon ideas for History Fair my partner and I came across the name Rachel Carson.Florida History Fair (FHF) is sponsored by the Museum of Florida History,. process paper (see NHD Contest Rule Book, Rules For All Categories, p. 7,.

I found the October Revolution among hundreds of topics, and it interested me the most.

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I believe she was brave for going through what she went through.I also did some more research on her before deciding to do her to make sure she would make an interesting topic.