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These three instances explore the idea of rising above expectations, the idea that everyone has someone in their life who surprises them in one way or another, even if not realized immediately.Ying-Ying fails to mend her own life and move on, and her daughter inherits that, as seen through Lena and her failed marriage.Daisy, at age nine, had watched her own mother kill herself, which had brought death close to her heart throughout her entire life ( Opposite 102).These experiences are similar to those in almost all of her works.

This tear-and-repair relationship relates not only to sisterhood, but also to the changes that all relationships undergo.Luling and Ruth never trusted each other when Ruth was younger (157).She tries to help her mother, and finally helps her feel forgiveness for betraying Precious Auntie.

Amy Tan creates such universal works, in part, because of the connections of her own personal experiences to the stories.Ying-Ying uses her daughter, Lena, to help her to learn to communicate in America.

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In The Joy Luck Club, Ying-Ying is constantly misunderstood by Americans because of her strong Chinese accent.

The Power of Reading and Writing: Mother Tongue, by Amy Tan. by Amy Tan, Tan discusses the.Overall, the outcomes of the stories prove that while fate may exist, people must make their own choices and cannot let the idea of fate control their lives.She said that it could be shaped by expectation or inattention, and therefore encouraged her daughter Rose to fix her marriage because the divorce happened only because of inattention (131).Luling believes that, because she betrayed her mother, she is fated to ill fortune and to be cursed for the rest of her life (252).The past does influence the present, as shown through the various Chinese mothers and their histories.

She creates this universality by connecting her own personal experiences to the stories, using relationships, and exploring common literary themes.

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For example, her mother had left an abusive husband, and many of her early children died ( Academy of Achievement 1).Yet she also struggles with her loss of tradition and fast adaptation into American culture.

This paper was written by Shelley Thompson in 2006 for A.P. English.Once she arrives in America, Olivia begins to rebuke her Chinese ways.For example, Olivia sees a beautiful owl being sold but quickly realizes that it is supposed to be cooked and eaten, not kept as a pet.Amy Tan is known for her lyrically written (using flowing, melodic language) tales of emotional conflict between Chinese American mothers and daughters separated by.

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Also, Lindo Jong tells her daughter Waverly how lucky she is to have a straight nose, because her own crooked one has led her into a life of grief — she feels her looks are more important to men than what is on the inside (257).Later in her life, when Suyuan was a senior, her neighbor accused her of poisoning their cat.Ying-Ying also is confined as a woman in that she is forced to marry her vulgar but wealthy suitor (245).

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Fate is key in her works as well, as she shows the differences and similarities between self-determination and fate vs. free will.She gives the reader an opportunity to gain knowledge about the way of.

This is because her mother is a strong Christian and she fears this will insult her beliefs.Luling felt isolated from the American world, while Ruth was completely absorbed in it.

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Amy Tan facts: Amy Tan (born 1952) is known for her lyrically written tales of emotional conflict between Chinese-American mothers and daughters separated by.But, as she reflects on these memories she realizes that Suyuan actually had seen talent in Jing-Mei, and if she had tried harder she could have seen it for herself.This is a good example of self-discovery, a journey all must take through life.This is just as Jing-Mei felt, when Waverly tried to brag to her concerning money.

Suyuan feels her daughter is fated to be a child prodigy, if she would only try.

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Amy Tan (born February 19, 1952) is an American writer whose works explore mother-daughter relationships and the Chinese American experience.Jing-Mei felt that her mother had pushed her too hard, believing that in reality she had no talent at all.It is even overpowering in some stories, such as in The Hundred Secret Senses, in which fate is explored through the character of Kwan.But her baby drowned in a flood, and Dulili was so overcome with grief in her poor and lonely state that she grew hysterical (288).

She defied her mother by abandoning the pre-med course pushed onto her from childhood in favor of linguistics study ( Academy of Achievement 1).Tan causes her readers to value those around them, especially family, and to not take any relationship for granted.For example, when she won one thousand dollars in a lottery, she gave every cent to Ruth (64).

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Olivia finally has a serious falling out with her mother as she becomes closer to Kwan, and her mother makes no effort to reconnect.

Precious Auntie kills herself that day, cursing the rest of the family, and Luling is filled with shame as she searches for her body (242).Just when the reader begins to believe the rhyme as truth, Gaoling is an example of the actual tragic situations women experienced in China.

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She explores hope, courage, loss, and especially love and its ability to overcome obstacles.She wanted to communicate these feelings through her stories.According to Tan, writers do this by tapping into the familiar emotions of love, hope, and relationships ( Salon 4).She also felt an identity crisis when her boyfriend, Simon, continuously compared her to his dead girlfriend.The third main mother-daughter relationship in The Joy Luck Club is between Rose Hsu Jordan and her mother An-mei.